The inventor of the cordless kettle connector appoints Techniswage

  • By Angus McDougall
  • 04 Jun, 2015
Dr John Crawshaw Taylor OBE

Designed for   Dr Taylor's   bespoke elliptical country home Arragon Mooar, in the Isle of Man the ‘golf ball’ chandelier is one in a series of bespoke elliptical light fittings designed to enhance and complement the interior decor in Arragon Mooar.

Although the chandelier uses 92 tapered stainless steel tubes we were asked to manufacture 200, each 215mm in length. Produced from stainless steel the taper was required to start from a 4.04mm outside diameter x 3.28mm inside diameter and reduced to a 1mm inside diameter. The tapered stems were designed to enhance the delicacy of the light fitting whilst ensuring adequate load bearing capabilities enabling the 92 individually hand enamelled blossom flowers to be the focal point of the piece.

As well as being a beautiful piece of art, the chandelier integrates the latest lighting technology which can be integrated into an intelligent building system. It has 92 Cree XLamp MC-E LEDs to provide a dimmable high lumen output with excellent colour consistency. Each LED can be easily replaced in the unlikely event that an LED should fail. The light also makes use of a small optical source for efficient colour mixing with the ability to change the colour, tone and brightness of each individual LED.

Further information about us and our expertise in tube end forming can be sourced from our website , but we would welcome a meeting to discuss how we could help you

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By Andrew Male 07 Nov, 2017
As a manufacturer of products used globally for a variety of different industries, we were very proud to be involved with the Black Country LEP's Made in the Black Country Showcase Exhibition at Parliament on the 1st November.

Joining forces with Ian Austin MP for Dudley North, the event at the Houses of Parliament, showcased goods manufactured in the Black Country and sold across the world, and saw 39 MPs, 2 Lords, 53 company representatives and 150 other visitors attend.

In addition to Techniswage, other companies showcased included Kirkpatrick in Walsall - the only remaining traditional black ironmongery in the UK and Rimstock, a leading manufacturer of alloy wheels in West Bromwich.

Visitors on the day also saw a demonstration of HVM City: The Opportunity Gateway, a new online portal for the region, which allows companies to register tender opportunities as well as companies and individuals being able to access tender opportunities. 

The event was a fantastic way to showcase the vast skilled manufacturing companies the Black Country has to offer. Of the 455,400 people working in the Black Country, 103,725 of these people work in high value manufacturing jobs across 7,656 high value manufacturing businesses. This makes the Black Country one of the UK's leading supply chain centres within the automotive and aerospace sectors. At Techniswage, we are proud to be one of these businesses.

Discussing the showcase exhibition, Boris Johnson MP, Foreign Secretary said: “I spent part of my early working career in Wolverhampton and I remember all the traditional industries in the Black Country so it’s fantastic to see so many businesses in advanced manufacturing such as aerospace, automotive, digital media and film production. I am impressed by the new industries, new businesses and new investment in the Black Country.”

His comments were echoed by Ian Austin MP for Dudley North, who said: “Manufacturing is a really important part of the Black Country’s heritage but I want to show that hi-tech manufacturing, science and technology has a bright future in the region too. I want people in London to understand that we are bringing new industries and new jobs to the area to strengthen the local economy and boost prosperity. That’s why I’m delighted to be able to organise this event in Parliament again this year, where our brilliant local producers and manufacturers can show off their work to MPs from across the country.”
By Andrew Male 27 Oct, 2017

Techniswage were recently approached by Andy Knight Ltd. to assist them in realising an ambitious window display project for a luxury fashion brand.

The brief was to produce a large volume of giant sewing needles which would be used to symbolise the perils of the everyday. The Hermes products would act as a shield and deflect the grey aura of the harsh elements. They also serve to juxtapose, thus highlight, the intricate detailing of the individually screen-printed scarf designs . 

Take a look a the images to see how this fascinating project came to life!

By Angus McDougall 02 Dec, 2016

Having been approached by BAE Systems to help on improving an existing design of lightening conductor guarding the carbon fibre radar dome for the fleet of Type 45’s.

Techniswage were able to fulfil their requirement through their subcontractor Lola. The brief was to reduce the diameter of a stainless steel tube in a stepped form to a smaller diameter over 2 metres in order to throw off vortexes created when the air circulated around the straight (non tapered) existing lightening conductor poles. The process was successful and all seven Destroyers were fitted out with the new system within the short window of 5 weeks whilst in dock.

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