Techniswage supply flue tubes to train restoration project

  • By Angus McDougall
  • 20 Oct, 2015

Adding to the already diverse application of our products, we are pleased to announce our involvement in the restoration of a WD Austerity 2-10-0, 90775 steam locomotive.

The locomotive restoration centre of the North Norfolk Railway, a heritage steam railway which runs train rides along the picturesque North Norfolk coast, recently awarded us the contract to manufacture 28 boiler flue tubes needed for the restoration project.

Utilising our knowledge and expertise in tube end reduction, we reduced the ends of the 28 super heater flue tubes to enable them to fit into the boilerplate.

Explaining what was involved in this project, Managing Director Paul Fellows had to say “Using a hydraulic end former, we reduced the ends of 28 flue tubes of 4,860mm in length down from 130mm in diameter to 104mm in diameter.”

Peter Phillips from North Norfolk Railway added: “Techniswage were great, right from the beginning when discussing the technical details through to the delivery of the finished products.  It was a very quick process and I was really pleased with the end products.”

Introduced in 1943, and used during the latter years of Second World War, the WD Austerity 2-10-0, 90775 is a type of heavy freight steam locomotive with a 2-10-0 wheel arrangement.

The locomotive in question was originally sent abroad to work, but was brought back to the UK in 1984 and has been used on the North Norfolk Railway since 2003. Restoration of the locomotive began in January 2014, with the second phase of restoration involving the boiler and flue tubes, in which were involved, beginning recently.

 The complete restoration of the locomotive is expected to take up to five years to complete and is expected to cost around £250,000

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By Angus McDougall 02 Dec, 2016

Having been approached by BAE Systems to help on improving an existing design of lightening conductor guarding the carbon fibre radar dome for the fleet of Type 45’s.

Techniswage were able to fulfil their requirement through their subcontractor Lola. The brief was to reduce the diameter of a stainless steel tube in a stepped form to a smaller diameter over 2 metres in order to throw off vortexes created when the air circulated around the straight (non tapered) existing lightening conductor poles. The process was successful and all seven Destroyers were fitted out with the new system within the short window of 5 weeks whilst in dock.

By Angus McDougall 02 Dec, 2016
The AB 139 is a medium twin engine 2500kg payload Augusta Westland helicopter. Techniswage provides a key product in landing gear actuator ramrods. Hot formed using the rotary reducing process for which the company is widely known, techniswage are able to fulfil Claverham’s highly rigorous aerospace requirements on a regular/timed production schedule.
By Angus McDougall 02 Dec, 2016

The Birmingham Post (Graeme Brown, Regional Business Editor - 30.04.13) reported on the success of Techniswage in their Business pages. 

Techniswage have seen a 30% increase in revenue since helping to make the stainless steel tubes that formed the famous Olympic cauldron centrepiece.

Techniswage have invested £100,000 in new equipment as a result of the increase in orders, including production for GKN Driveline of the new Maserati variant's prop shafts.   Click here to read full article.

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